Becoming Blue Just Like The Ocean

July 29, 2017

“Love is like an ocean,
full of conflict full of pain,
full of fire full of game,
It warms the heart when its too cold,
unfold what is untold,
Becoming blue, just like the ocean.
To sail back from whence we came.
For it is our self we will find in the sea.”

Whenever I walk alongside the shores of an ocean, I just feel an instant peace over me. Oceans have that special energy. I can understand that many people living near the ocean are content. Its a place you can go to when you wan’t to clear your head. I heard they call it the “Blue Mind”.  It refers to a mildly meditative, relaxed state that we find ourselves in when we are in, on or under water. According to scientist Wallace J. Nichols  we can elevate stress when we step away from our high-stressed lives and step into nature. We get a shift. Physiologically, our brains and bodies change. We relax, and the quality of our thought changes. A different brain network activates. That brain network is available for a completely different kind of quality of thought which is much more introspective and self-referential. Oftentimes it leads to feelings of connectedness and that can lead to innovative thoughts. Early humans seeking a place to call home and seeing a place overlooking the ocean or river realized that it makes them happy. They said, “This is good, this is right, this is safe and the place to survive and thrive.” For us today, it could be going to a swimming pool or a second-floor balcony on the ocean. If the water is blue and it’s not polluted, you are getting a signal that is probably present in most if not all mammals.

Oceans do have this effect on me. Especially when they are quiet and tranquil. As a child I always use to play a game when swimming. I jumped in and the challenge was to sit so still the water didn’t move at all, leaving no water interference. When I am in the water, its like my thoughts literally float away. I come out more refreshed. (Except in Indonesia, there the water is really warm, and not really cooling 😛 ) The nice thing about lake’s and oceans, is that they all seem to have their own characteristics and energy. The ocean has something very majestic. You almost become part of it once you spend great time with it.  In the ocean, I feel humble. There is no way to grasp the ocean’s power. What I like about it is you can either resist or surrender to it. When I did some surfing on my trip, especially then the ocean can be a battle field. But only when you resist. Its like a person you have to get to know, once you”ll understand her rythm you will get used to her. (I call it a her for now 😉 ) The ocean is relentless, it doesn’t care if you want it to slow down because the waves keep smashing in your face again, and again. It just is. After a while I got used to its rythm and surrendered to it. Al the sudden it seems to flow a bit more then.  The most beautiful thing is when the ocean is silent, with almost no waves. I remember one night where I was just drifting in the ocean, with my face up the stars. Those are the moments, my mind is completely empty.

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